Sustainable brand upgrade


My goal with my business is to use it as a force for good. To put sustainability at the core of what I do and how I work. How I personally strategize my life affects my business and vice versa. Nothing stands alone - everything is in or linked; how I make personal decisions and choices is reflected in my business. 


It can be overwhelming to begin embedding a sustainable structure and function into your business and personal life and while it’s perfectly fine to take small steps, I suggest that an overall holistic approach to rebalancing your relationships and revisiting your impact is what ultimately affects our society and the environment.

Sustainable alignment pillars


Personal base-level 

  • Sleep 8hrs

  • Eat lean food - 80% plant based

  • Exercise 5 x week

  • Meditate 10+ min per day

  • Read for 30+ min in the morning

  • Drink your water 2 L daily 


Community Impact

  • Shop & dine locally to your best ability

  • Support local performance and visual arts

  • Vote and sign petitions

  • Volunteer at a local organization

  • Get to know your neighbor



  • Attract an inclusive audience - by hiring the team that reflects that. 

  • Learn about a race other than

  • your own

  • Build an inclusive community 

  • Invest in B corporations 


Business base-level

  • Establish your values

  • Lead with your values

  • Donate 10% (or more) of your revenue to community needs

  • Unnovate by repurposing systems, tools, and content 


Understand your global impact

  • How you shop 

  • How you travel 

  • Green products vs Greenwashing 

  • Read the fine print

  • Boycott fast fashion

  • Shop 2nd hand 

  • Don’t buy counterfeit

  • Plant trees



  • Study and follow the Sustainable Development Goals - the world’s shared plan to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet by 2030. SDG