Repositioning Luxury Hotels

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As with so many things in our lives this year - luxury lifestyle has taken its turn. Eminently in travel and hospitality spaces. Having worked a great deal with luxury travel brands as a marketer and copywriter - I found it perfectly normal to travel in business class, lounge at luxury hotels ordering food and sipping rosé, and have a staycation at corner suites in Brooklyn Hotels. The truth is I appreciated luxury and high-end fashion for most of my life - particularly when it was truly exclusive.

Then somewhere in the last few years luxury lost its mark, it became mainstream, and too accessible. The word “luxury” has been tossed around, abused, and overused to its core to the point it became meaningless - like a cheap olive oil.

And now focusing on luxury hospitality in the current climate and the next new era there are countless opportunities to build and rebuild true luxury. This is an incredible time for high-end hotels to authentically evolve with innovative offerings that extend safety and technology. Luxury is on its way to a wholesome new conscious level.

The high-end customer now expects much more than social distance, safety and artificial smart service. The notion of luxury in the pre-Covid era is vastly different from what’s expected now. People have had time to mindfully evolve and are aware of how they want to spend their time and money when traveling and lodging. They’re asking for long lasting experiences with a purpose.

This is the time for luxury hotels to deepen their relationships with local businesses, enhance sustainability through and through, rebrand luxury with a purpose, all while openly supporting social justice.

For high-end hospitality to thrive in the coming climate - there needs to be an ethical soul attached to the brand. The customer asks to be wowed on a human level beyond what we’ve seen before from the most progressively green luxury hospitality brands. Today’s luxury runs on ethics and empathy, authentic quality, outspoken humanity, and soulful experience offerings.

And this is where management cannot afford to turn a blind eye on the follow-through, because everyone is watching now. The luxury customer expects more novelty than before - all while experiencing a stay with a purpose. And there’s a higher expectation of ethical standards applied to the treatment of hotel employees. Like many of us in this era - luxury has gone through a branded soul expansion.