let's go "steady"

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It's hard isn't it? 


Finding your person via Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and eHarmony… 


Also hard: writing copy for your own business. And hiring a copywriter isn’t necessarily the answer either

(believe me I know). 


Don’t be alarmed, but how do you feel about going “steady” with me? I’ll teach you all the tricks. 


Too soon?


Since you’re still here - let’s talk more about this...

Here's the drill

Let’s Go “Steady” is a DIY driven technique that makes up the foundation of your dream memo - effective copy with your personality. We’re talking about game-changing messaging that will uplevel your business - connect from the heart and convert like an active volcano. 


Making your website and messaging sound how your brand would speak. 


Let’s Go “Steady” is a guided one-on-one training technique to design a clear and compassionate brand voice. Constructed by the art and science of courting, dating, communicating and ghosting - because customers are just like lovers. Over the course of four weeks we’ll go through four Modules - just you and me. A virtually designed solution to help you create candid messaging that captivates and converts. 


Our words are the secret element for success - in both art and business. Our written communication determines how our audience views us, connects with us and decides to trust us OR not. 


Let’s Go “Steady” is designed to guide creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to go from a place of mediocre copy and helplessness to volcanic success. Because that’s what happens when your brand messaging and communication showcases confidence and trustworthiness. 


This is not a course where you have to figure this out by yourself - I’ll be with you every step of your way to help you create powerful, persuasive and authentic copy for your brand. There’s homework, but it’s fun (at least 97.5% of it is, the rest mildly painful). 


Communicating to your audience with clarity, compassion, and confidence (like I’m doing now) is a vital skill. This year, my clients and students are experiencing the impact of being able to communicate effectively - especially during the confusing era we live in.


When you write like you talk - your copy reads as authentic and relatable. Your customers (like love interests) will stop and read it again (turn heads) because they’ve never seen messaging like that before. 


And most importantly your copy will speak to what people are looking for, have solutions and connect with their motivations. You’ll learn how to write your own copy in a way your competitors wouldn’t think of. 


What do you think?


Should we meet in person? 

The copy I was using for various marketing materials prior to working with Dash of Copy was professionally descriptive with no personality. I needed unbiased expertise that could elevate my content to be more relatable to what businesses are looking for when considering innovative service oriented solutions.

H. Lynn Gates