anna Rósa Parker 

About me...

Hailing from Iceland with a background as an actress and playwright - I’m a storyteller through and through. With a degree in Drama from University of Washington - my storytelling has progressed from theatrical plays to editorially-minded narratives. 


Departing with the theatre life I landed my first “grown-up” job at Nordstrom Inc. as a Marketing Coordinator for their Designer division. A job and company that shaped and polished me to become the marketing writer I have become today.

Moving to New York in 2011 I hustled like most dreamers - before booking freelance gigs as a copywriter for retailers and advertising agencies. Between those projects I knocked on doors - targeting lifestyle, hospitality and other luxury markets. 

Continuing my work with luxury clients - my focus has expanded to spaces of wellness and sustainability. 

and my vision

My vision for each brand comes from thinking like an editor.

I lead with curiosity that focuses on the current climate and how authentic the narrative is. My world experience and the artistry of capturing each brand bring an elevation to my work, but it's my listening and observational skills that pay the bills. 

Copywriting is transparent - you can’t fake it here. I understand luxury lifestyle and travel and therefore I've been able speak to it with fluidity. The consumer can always tell through storytelling if the brand is authentic and trustworthy, or when it’s forced. Another reason why I stick to projects I authentically connect to and care about. My taste is my talent. 

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