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Success is a well delivered message

Est. 2016

Showcase Your Brand With Personally-Driven Newsletters

Is your audience asleep?

Let’s wake them up with softly eruptive storytelling

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Yes, You’re Competing Against Countless Other Brands & Businesses, AND Yes, It's Possible to Create Personally-Driven Emails that
Open Hearts and Wallets

I can give you a few reasons why your audience isn’t engaging with your newsletter. I can also guarantee game-changing results with my Viking-infused copy and brand strategy. Ready to give your marketing emails a powerful and authentic makeover?

If You Can’t Write Your Brand Messaging With Empathy and Compassion While Powerfully Engaging and Converting - It’s OK Because I Can AND I’m Here to Captivate Your Email List

I work with clients like yourself to design and simplify your brand messaging. To uplevel your newsletters and communicate with your audience while keeping the human touch.


Are you ready to whip your marketing emails into optimizing shape - buzzing with stunning language and conversion power?

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The Scandinavian mind behind the craft 


Hi, I'm Anna 
a.k.a Viking in heels

I believe that a strong foundation is a leading ingredient in the intentions you set to attract your audience. The framework I use informs the entire trajectory of your brand. The voice of your brand is not only your curb appeal, it’s the blueprint of your brand’s personality - without your voice… (I’ll let you finish that sentence). ​

With a decade of high-end marketing behind me - in various roles within advertising, marketing, and branding spaces - I've had the privilege of working with iconic clients and purpose-driven brands, creating inspired work that leads and reflects today's future. 

In this work, I marry the framework I've designed with my in-depth marketing experience working with household names like Nordstrom and iconic New York branding agencies like SWAT.

I bring a certain sophistication to the work that isn't commonly accessible or thought of when working with creative business owners and solopreneurs.

​Taking a holistic and deep leveled approach to branding + voice. I work with creative mindsets creating intentional brand identities - leading with an unrivaled sense of dedication, innovative technique, and empathy.​

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