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Brand Voice & Tone 

Est. 2016

BRAND VOICE is designed to sound like your brand's personality. 

TONE OF VOICE is how your brand’s personality shows up - via various platforms.


You have a vision of this language and aesthetics in your awakening dreams,

but don’t know how to curate it, or bring it to life.

What if your brand's voice reflects your dream escape -  Chic, Magnetic & Otherworldly?

Your prospects would lean in like you're doing right now.

And they'll want what you have. 

That's the power of a magnetic brand strategy + tone. 

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Serving lifestyle, artists, and creative entrepreneurs

with focused, effective, and visually stunning language, each project is custom-designed with clarity and purpose. 


The Scandinavian mind behind the craft 


Hi, I'm Anna 
a.k.a Viking in heels

I believe that a strong foundation is a leading ingredient in the intentions you set to attract your audience. The framework I use informs the entire trajectory of your brand. The voice of your brand is not only your curb appeal, it’s the blueprint of your brand’s personality - without your voice… (I’ll let you finish that sentence). ​

With a decade of high-end marketing behind me - in various roles within advertising, marketing, and branding spaces - I've had the privilege of working with iconic clients and purpose-driven brands, creating inspired work that leads and reflects today's future. 

In this work, I marry the framework I've designed with my in-depth marketing experience working with household names like Nordstrom and iconic New York branding agencies like SWAT.

I bring a certain sophistication to the work that isn't commonly accessible or thought of when working with creative business owners and solopreneurs.

​Taking a holistic and deep leveled approach to branding + voice. I work with creative mindsets creating intentional brand identities. I lead with an unrivaled sense of dedication, innovative technique, and emotional intelligence.​