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Waiting For An Eruption?


Let's make that happen for you.

I help lifestyle brands and entrepreneurs like you glide in front of your dream audience

with focused & sustainable messaging - so you can sweep in some tall currency

+ have a maximum impact on today’s future.

It’s showtime!  

Hi, I’m Anna  

What makes me so fiercely good at this?
I have the ability to connect with the reader via
 personality & words that sound like edible luxury
(inclusive + exclusive). 
With the combination of my Viking intuition, solid research, years of experience, and conversion copywriting technique - people want what I have (words and all).
Or maybe it's my Icelandic superpower - dunno,
but they’re clicking + buying.
Why are you waiting to connect with your customer?
 You can convert them via a dash of copy today. 
Get on this Viking train 
and watch your audience go from browsers to buyers. 


If you don’t believe in inclusivity,
social justice, community impact or sustainability. 
Then that's me walking away 
But if our values align:
Yay, you're obviously very cool
 - let’s get acquainted. Shall we?

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Do you need website copy? Email sequence?


Or do you wanna to rebrand a little - or a lot?